Project partner

General information is a multidisciplinary centre of expertise and initiator of the development strategy for the Brussels territory.
By building up precise and transversal knowledge, seeks integrated and forward-looking solutions to the urban challenges facing the Brussels-Capital Region. works on priority development poles and urban projects on the territory of Brussels.
The precise mapping of the needs of the inhabitants of Brussels in terms of collective facilities, housing, health, culture, sport, etc. makes it possible to guide the spatial planning of a given area and develop a vision.

Involvement in the project

As such, housing is at the heart of the policy and redevelopment of the Brussels-Capital Region. closely monitors demographic developments and analyses the building permits granted and the number of social housing units.

In addition, can count on the Housing Referent. He monitors social housing projects, brings together partners in Brussels housing, exchanges good practices, consults with the various communes and promotes cooperation in the Region. In this role, the Housing Referent is also involved in the CALICO project.

This enables the CALICO project to benefit from its specific knowledge and experience. Conversely, the Housing Referent will take the knowledge acquired during the CALICO project into future projects on the territory of Brussels. He will examine where the benefits of the CALICO project can be repeated elsewhere (e.g. in urban projects, Urban Renewal Contracts, etc.). also contributes to making CALICO known to the inhabitants of Brussels. The communication team contributes to the elaboration of a participatory communication strategy in function of the different target audiences.

The uniqueness of CALICO will be evaluated not only at the Belgian level, but also at the European level. will discuss and represent CALICO through its International team at European and international meetings on urban planning.