Project partner

General information

Pass-ages believes in the richness of a harmonious living together where the quality of links, presence and accompaniment is at the heart of all our passages. Created in 2018, the association has been supported by citizens and care professionals since 2010. Its mission is the creation of caring and open living spaces, within which there are places designed to welcome anyone wishing to live “as at home”, whether they are born or dying.

Involvement in the project

Pass-ages creates a birth centre run by midwives, with comprehensive support from pregnancy to 2 years after the birth. Pass-ages also creates a dying home to house and offer presence to people in palliative care. The specificity of Pass-ages lies in the involvement of volunteers, parents, and residents in the design of the project with health professionals who make the link between life, birth and death through their presence.

Pass-ages opens an inter-generational group housing of 10 households. Its inhabitants are chosen for their commitment to the project and their generational and social mix. They have joined together in a cooperative and have developed an alternative and collective model of access to home ownership.