EVA bxl

Project partner

General information

EVA bxl vzw is a social laboratory that breathes diversity. We love people. We love Brussels. And the people who live in Brussels. EVA bxl invents, develops, tests and evaluates innovative projects that promote access to paid work, quality education, resilient care and decent housing. Our team literally takes to the streets in search of the prevailing social needs. EVA bxl does not do this alone, but always in consultation with the parties concerned. We are all looking in the same direction: the creation of more well-being, equality and progress. We see the strength, talent and potential of every human being. And that is how we get down to work.

Involvement in the project

EVA bxl accompanies the process with future residents and the neighbourhood to build a sustainable model of care. The inhabitants of the group housing are the key players: together with the various organisations in the district, they combine their skills to develop this community care and to strengthen the well-being of each individual. A group representing future residents, called the care committee, carries out the project and meets people and associations from the neighbouring and partner network. It co-constructs a model of “care” organised by the community of residents and provides itself with sustainable tools for this purpose. EVA bxl supports this group, which creates and stimulates well-being in the home.