Project partner

General information

The Community Land Trust Brussels (CLTB) develops perpetually affordable housing projects in Brussels for people on limited incomes on jointly owned land. In addition to housing, CLTB co-builds, together with the inhabitants and the local associations, a fair and inclusive city. CLTB is therefore a social real estate developer that offers an innovative and sustainable response to the housing crisis.

CLTB applies the innovative CLT formula. In this formula, the land remains the property of the community, and only the housing is sold. These are affordable because the owners do not pay for the land. Resale is possible but at a limited price so that housing remains affordable generation after generation.

Buying households are involved in the development of their housing project and share space as much as they wish. They work with local associations to improve their neighbourhood, for example by integrating community infrastructure into their projects. Each candidate-owner becomes a member of the organisation and decides with all members on the future of CLTB.

CLTB currently has 200 housing units under construction on 11 different plots of land in the Brussels Region. In 2017, it was awarded the Prix de l’Economie Sociale and the Grand Prix de Générations Futures. In 2019 CLTB was a finalist in the Social Housing Awards and received the REVES Grand Prix. In 2020, CLT’s European spin-off project SHICC, of which CLTB is a partner, won the Regio Star Award.

Involvement in the project

In CALICO, the CLTB will remain the owner of the land and the “shell” of the building, i.e. everything that does not fit into people’s homes or shared spaces, in order to prevent any real estate speculation.

The CLTB has allocated eight units to its households and four rental units to people over 55 years of age. It is also co-coordinator of the project, with Bruxelles Logement, and brings its expertise in social support and property management to the project.