Project partner

General information

Angela.D, a feminist association, aims to achieve gender equality through women’s access to housing, popular education and the integrated support of women-led projects. It is aimed at women from all walks of life with particular attention to the needs of ageing women, isolated women (with or without children) and women in precarious situations. Angela.D helps them through housing, awareness-raising and advocacy to strengthen their autonomy and civic participation.

Involvement in the project

Angela.D vzw wants to put the gender issue at the centre of housing. This will be achieved through awareness-raising and training activities on gender equality issues, both among the key players in the CALICO project and at the neighbourhood and city levels.

In addition, Angela.D will set up one of the three grouped settlements of the project with the aim of establishing self-management for women and by women. In this respect, the association is inspired by several collective housing initiatives at the European level, notably the Babayagas’ house, a self-managed social residence for senior women in Montreuil, or the feminist collective housing project [ro*sa] in Vienna. It will therefore be the residents and members of the association who will decide how their group housing will be managed (rules for living together, allocation of housing, etc.). Although they are not opposed to co-education, they have decided at this stage to allocate all the flats to women in the conditions of access to social housing: either elderly women or women heads of single-parent households, often of immigrant origin. They envisage non-mixing, applied to their housing, as a transitional strategy to strengthen women among themselves without being confronted with relations of domination.